Welcome to the Oliver House Rome blog

Welcome to the Oliver House blog for our upcoming trip to Rome. We will be updating the blog regularly throughout the trip and it is an excellent way to keep up to date with the children’s adventures in The Eternal City.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Oliver House Rome blog

  1. 5 days to go!! Thank you all the wristband sellers; we have so far made £135 profit and enabled many decades of the rosary to be prayed!
    The fayre made £120 profit too so we should definitely be able to sample the wonderful gelati! Viva Roma! Here we come!


  2. Buona sera Year 6!! We are nearly off!!! Sleep well tonight, ready for lots of well-earned gelati. Arrivederci Oliver House!


  3. Off you go, you gorgeous year 6 class! Have a fabulous time. Cata I miss you already. Also Cata- what Color hoodie would you like to have for your leavers gift:)????


  4. I hope everyone is surviving this long wait!!! If you are running out of games ideas I can suggest:
    neither yes nor no game
    The king of silence
    Chinese whispers


  5. Lovely to see you all bearing up so well after the delayed departure. You’ll be so happy when you finally get to Rome!


  6. All looks happy and under control at Heathrow. Great sports–all of you! Have a safe flight. I’ll be praying for a safe journey. Lots of love.


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