Sound asleep

After a busy day of travelling, the children have settled into Palazzola and are sound asleep. They have enjoyed their first three course Italian dinner of the trip and are looking forward to the adventure tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Sound asleep

  1. I hope teachers are not too exhausted and that the kids behaved. Thank you so much for everything you do for these kids!!! You’re amazing.


  2. Wishing you a wonderful day… (how will the boys get to school on time without Martha to make them breakfast, pack their bags and shove them out of the door????)


  3. Morning Sam!
    Hope you slept well. It is really quiet at home without you here (though not that quiet as we still have Alfie!). Have a really lovely day and be good for your teachers.
    Love, mum
    Ps brush your teeth!


  4. Thank you to the teachers for all you do for the kids.
    Kofi, be good and have fun.
    PS – do not forget to brush your teeth, cream yourself and brush your hair :). I miss you a lot. xxx


  5. Morning Carlitina!
    Missing you 🧡. Lot os kisses from grandma. Have fun and enjoy Rome. It’s wonderful 💕💕💕


  6. Hello David, I hope you are having fun. I think Lucy is missing you this morning. Have a nice day at Rome.


  7. Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good rest after such a long day yesterday! Thank you teachers for taking such good care of them!
    Lizzie, hope you slept well! Enjoy the gelato today!! We all missed you this morning xxxx


  8. Catalina darling, We are missing you so! it’s actually very quiet without you! Hmmmmmm and I usually think your brothers are the culprits of mayhem. Have a wonderful day. Can’t wait to hear about everything!


  9. And I thought my 2 day trip to Cape Town was bad… Sometimes you forget that there are far worse situations than the ones you face. Good life lesson!
    They all seem to have a good time.


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