From the children…

Alec: I am having a really good time and I’ve bought gifts for you. Carlos, treat Sarah nicely!

Sam C: Really enjoyed visiting St Peter’s. PS Don’t show this part to Harry – Alfie don’t do the prank without me. 

Oriol: I really enjoyed St Peter’s a lot and looking at the Popes’ tombs. 

Stephen: I really enjoyed climbing up the dome. I bought souvenirs for you, Dad, and nanny. Love Stephen.

David: Today we went to the top of St Peter’s and the view was amazing. Tell Lucy that I will be back in a minute.  And Felix, are you playing with lego?

TC: I miss you, all of you, and we went up St Peter’s dome. Love TC.

Daniel: I know it’s hard coping without me, because I am such a handsome boy. I love you bye!

Thibault: Love you. Hope you are having fun without me. The ice creams are delicious- we should come to Rome next year.

Elliot: Hello, 

Today we went to see St Peter’s. It was amazing. It was enormous. We went up to the top of the dome and saw the amazing view. I am having lots of fun. The teachers are really nice.

Katie: Hello, I went up St Peter’s basilica. I AM LIVING THE LIFE!

Catalina: Hi Family, I miss you a lot. I am having such a great time here. 

Carla: Dear Family, I miss you so so much and I hope you are having a wonderful time. I love you all. PS I am sharing a room with Lizzie and enjoying it so much.

Beatrice: Dear Family, I miss you so much and I bet it’s not the same without me at home. I am sharing a room with Celia which is amazing and am having an amazing time. I love you so much.

Lizzie: Dear family, I mis you all so much. Hopefully, you miss me too. I am having a great time and I’m sharing a room with Carla. I love you so much, bye.

Martha, Hello other Brennans, what time did you get to school? I miss and love you so much and Rome is amazing. I am sharing a room with Cata.

Marta: I miss you so much. I am having a lot of fun. My favourite part was St Peter’s.

Celia: Hi everybody, the views of the lake are amazing. But my camera ran out of battery- I told you a should have brought replacement batteries! (I am borrowing a camera) I miss you all so much. Celia. PS I just found batteries!!

Maalik: Hi mummy, I miss you. Hope you miss me. And I wish you got to see St Peter’s Dome. It was amazing.

Kofi: Mummy, you know that I am always perfect, but I do miss you a lot. We went up the basilica and the view was amazing. Tell Yaa and Daddy I said hi.

23 thoughts on “From the children…

  1. Marta,

    I’d tell you to bring us ice cream for everyone, but I know it’s impossible. So, eat them to our health … For Miquel & daddy extra chocolate, lemon for Tommy and straberry for Isabel & me ,not mango, I know …

    Enjoy the city and your colleagues very much. We really want you to explain everything to us. EVERYTHING!!!

    Many kisses
    Isabel Muñoz


    1. Hi Marta,I’m Isabel ,if I had to choose an ice cream it wouldn’t be a strawberry one it would be of lemon…Just saying…
      Missing you!!
      Isabel Pujol


  2. Such incredible places you’ve seen today. Truly! Cata, The boys were just making their usual “It’s-bed-time-so-I’m suddenly-very-hungry” snack, and Mateo said, “It’s so different without Cata here.” Then Marty said, “Yeah, it’s sad. I want her to come home.” I’ll remind them of this when we’re back to normal on Saturday, haha.

    From Mateo: hi cata I don’t miss you that trip must be 100% boring. ha ha ha ha ha ha [emoji] ha ha ha ha ha you so unlucky to go on that trip I am just kidding with ya I dont miss you!

    TOMAS: Dear Cata Mateos note was false when Mateo said he was fealing wierd he ment he misses you.Mom has been taking care of George ALOT!!. I have the same fealing as Mateo ”Althoe some of the time you are anoing” thers a surprise waiting for you. love you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha snif snif ha ha ha h ha snif ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha!

    Marty:cata i miss you ha ha ha !!!!i} I lov you. wut does the chrip looks lick?

    Mom (again): Cata your brothers obviously need some help expressing emotion:) We’ll work on it. Daddy’s not home yet but he’ll log on later. WE LOVE YOU SO!


  3. Hi Marta, it’s your second travel to Rome, and you enjoy even more. Next time I hope we can eat a Gelato together.


  4. Buona sera bambina ! I’m so glad to see you happy. Enjoy the leavers-trip, enjoy Rome ! Ciao Marta, ciao bella !


  5. Hi Lizzie,
    We miss you sooooo much!! The boys are really missing you as well! Daddy leaves tomorrow so it is going to be a very quiet house with just the two boys!! Rome looks amazing! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Dad was very jealous of the gelato eating!!! (So were Tom & Harry!) He was wondering what flavor you went for – my guess is chocolate!?!
    Have fun and sleep tight,
    Love you,


  6. Hi TC, We miss you too. We know you have a wonderful had shown on the pictures.
    JC said Hello and hope you have a good time. And the house is very quite without you.
    Daddy is in Madrid and miss you as well.
    Love you mak mak.


  7. Katie,
    Good to know you’re enjoying yourself! Who are you sharing a room with? Love you lots.
    P.S. remember to wash your hair


  8. What an amazing day you have had Martha. Enjoy the ice cream! Save some vanilla with chocolate sauce for me!


  9. Dear Alec,
    We miss you a lot but we are happy thinking that you are having good time. I saw you eating an ice-cream!!! Thank you for thinking about us. Don’t worry, Carlos is looking after Sarah very well and even Faith is asking for you!!!
    Enjoy your trip!!


  10. Hi Bea, Lovely to hear from you darling. Not much news from us, except that Pickle is loving being free-range again. Keep eating ice-cream, having fun and sleep well. Mummy xx
    How is your wisdom tooth doing? Have a great trip, darling. X Papa’


  11. Hello David, Felix is not playing with your Lego but he is sleeping in your bed. Daddy and the Yr 2 dads won some beer this evening.


  12. Good night Katie – I got back from Birmingham this evening and the house is very quiet without you. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Today looked very busy, you did so much. Mum xxx


  13. David, Lucy was walking around the house this morning asking “where is David?”. Sleeping in your room last night was amazing.

    Mummy says why aren’t you wearing your shorts like everyone else?


  14. Thibault, how are you this morning??? Daddy arrived safely home at 8am this morning and we were all very happy to see him. I hope you have had a fantastic day yesterday. The pictures looks great and it seems you are seeing amazing things. I’m working from home this afternoon. Your room is progressing well but I don’t think it will be ready for tomorrow. Darcy is well and Camille misses you a lot. She is always asking me about you and the trip!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


  15. Morning Sam!
    Looks like you had a really fun and busy day yesterday – hope today is as good and the sun is still shining.
    We all miss you and are looking forward to hearing all about your Roman adventures tomorrow.
    Love you lots
    Ps brush you teeth / apply suncream!!!!


  16. Hola Stephen, parece que lo estáis pasando superbien. Gracias por comprarnos algo, pero no te gastes mucho dinero!!!! os habéis bañado en la piscina?


  17. Dear Stephen,
    I’m so glad that you are having a wonderful time in Rome and all the family is looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Thanks for thinking of us. It’s quiet at home without you!


  18. Dear Carla,
    I’m very happy to see you enjoying with your friends in Rome. I have very beautiful memories of Rome when I was with your mum there. Have a great time and see you soon. PS Te quiero princesita


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